Baby Bonanza

A couple of weekends ago I helped plan a baby shower with a few friends for a new friend and her first baby!

We know it’s a girl so there was plenty of pink! Plus we had way too much food but a lot of fun.

Here are some decorations we made and games we set up – plenty of easy DIY.


Ready to pop! Popcorn jar.



Handwriting is not a strong point of mine (I did all the printed materials) but my sister in law created this wonderful welcome sign. (She actually make the chalkboard too, a few years ago now.)



Another friend made these beautiful rosettes with patterned paper.

Rosettes on wall


Here’s a few of the games, including babies frozen in ice,  jelly babies in a novelty over-sized baby bottle and guessing games.

Ice Ice Baby Baby BottleGuessing Games

On the signs, this chalkboard style font is a favourite of mine lately. It’s called fff tusj.




Winter Warmers

It’s been so cold in Adelaide these past few weeks.

Here’s a few winter warmers for your home.

Winter Warmers (3)

  Winter Warmers (2) Winter Warmers (1)

Winter Warmers (5)  Winter Warmers (7) Winter Warmers (8)

All Images sourced via Pinterest. Link to sources & more winter warmers via my board here.