Before and After Inspiration

My husband and I both love a good transformation!

His favourite would be the kind you see on World’s Strictest Parent’s, Supernanny or Hoarders where someones life is changed for the better and they wake up to new ways of doing things.

I do love that too, it’s so great to see someone make changes for the better in their lives and it’s also great to see someone make a change for the better in their home. Which is, I believe, a change for the better in their lives.

Here a few great before and after pictures I found to help inspire you!

1. Before and After Kitchen.

A great kitchen revamp without getting a whole new kitchen.

Before & After Kitchen

See more at Design Sponge

2. Before and After Door

A very simple change that livens up this entry.

Door Before & After

Source: See That There

3. Before and After Bathroom

I especially love the tiles!

Bathroom BeforeBathroom After

Source: Amber Interiors


7 thoughts on “Before and After Inspiration

  1. Wow, I love all the changes, but I have to say that i’m amazed at what a difference just painting the front door in the hallway makes. I love the bathroom too, especially the fab floor. Adding simple, bold pops of colour to a room can really lift a space. Great inspiration


  2. Woah! I love a good makeover, too! The Design Sponge kitchen transformation is amazing! It’s pretty incredible what white paint, subway tile and “a lot of elbow grease” can do!


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